Mewa Textil-Manage­ment

Brand Development / Change / Corporate Design / Marketing Communication

Bronze BoB Award 2019 / Bronze Effie Award 2020

From hidden champion to visible champion.

MEWA provides workwear via a franchise system. However, this service is almost invisible to customers and only moderately relevant to decision-makers. Moreover, a medium-sized family business doesn't have the budget to instantly catapult itself into the spotlight of the B2B public. To transform MEWA from a hidden champion to a visible one, we changed the perception of the brand in the public eye. We transformed MEWA from a workwear provider into a pioneer and thought leader in the sharing economy.

The share campaign marked the start to the new communication campaign. In industry-specific media as well as general-interest publications such as Spiegel and FAZ, we positioned MEWA as the oldest sharing startup, aiming to establish a direct association between #textilesharing and MEWA, ensuring that MEWA becomes synonymous with sharing in the future. In the subsequent campaign, we focused on specific target groups and communicated the respective customer benefits using a new headline mechanism.

The campaign directly addresses users, clearly highlighting the benefits of #textilesharing for the target audiences. It is visible across various online and offline channels and audible via radio.

To fully capture the relevance, diversity, and vibrancy of the sharing economy, we developed a completely new magazine for MEWA: the shareMAG. We were also responsible for the concept and realization of each issue. With the shareMAG, MEWA reinforces its sharing expertise and pioneering role in an impressive and entertaining manner. Feel free to read more at sharemag.de.